Q: What is BackupRestored Online Service?

A: BackupRestored Online Backup is a service that enables us to automatically backup your critical data to a remote location using the Internet...but we don't stop there. In addition to automatically backing up your data we routinely restore and validate your data.


Q: How is BackupRestored Online Service different from other backup services?

A: BackupRestored is dramatically different then other online backup services. No other online backup service "restores" and "verifies" your data backup. The only way to be absolutely sure you have a valid backup is to    restore and verify the data.


Q: Why is data restoration and validation important?

A: Restoring and validating that a backup is good is the most important aspect of backing up. Without restoring and validating you will never know if you have a good backup until the day you need it. Are you willing to take the chance?


Q: How often is the data backed up?

A: Your data is backed up on a nightly basis.


Q: How often is the data restored and validated?

A: Your data is restored and validated on a weekly basis.


Q: Where is the data restored?

A: The data is restored on to one of our offsite servers.


Q: How is the data restored?

A: First- We un-encrypt the most recent backup that we received.

     Second- We restore the backup on to our server.

     Third- We open up the backup onto our server and validate that it is a good backup.


Q: How is the data validated?

A: In a pre-setup interview we are going to ask you several questions about the information we are backing up. For example if we are backing up your Peachtree Accounting information we will ask you what you routinely change the most. Let's say you generate customer invoices daily. We will restore your Peachtree and check to see the most recent invoice. If the date of customer invoices is not within the last day we will call you and make sure the information is right. If the information is not right it would indicate a problem in the backup process.


Q: I already perform backups. Why do I need BackupRestored Online Backup Service?

A: Most companies backup their data routinely, however very few companies routinely restore and validate their backup. Additionally, having an offsite data backup is critical to protect your data from fires and natural disasters.



Q: How is my privacy protected?

A: Privacy is protected through a written agreement between you
and BackupRestored. You give us rights to what you want us to validate. For example, if you use Peachtree, you can give us rights to only look at the customer invoice section during our restore and validation process.


Q: How do I get started?

A: Call 732-866-8686 to get started.